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Severi Saarioja - Guitars & Vocals
Mikko Pylkkö - Guitars
Mikael Reinikka - Bass
Aaro Österman - Drums & Vocals


OMNIVORTEX is a ferocious technical blackened death metal quartet from Helsinki, Finland. The band combines frenetic death metal disgust with bits of furiating thrash metal riffing, as well as spicing the mix up with darkened, dissonant black metal. 

Their debut album "DIAGRAMS OF CONSCIOUSNESS" was released in late 2020 via Concorde Music Company. Produced by Teemu Aalto (Insomnium, Omnium Gatherum), the album was widely recognized nationally and internationally, and has received numerous great review scores, including a 4/5 review from "ANGRY METAL GUY" and a 4/5 review from one of Finland's biggest metal magazines, "INFERNO".

The band toured in Finland during 2021, highlights including a sold-out show at Bar Loose, Helsinki as well as a performance at Helsinki Death Fest during the summer of 2021. OMNIVORTEX has also played shows in other Finland's bigger cities, such as Oulu and Tampere during 2021.

With a blistering drive to move forward, the band is currently working with a follow up album for "DIAGRAMS OF CONSCIOUSNESS". The sophomore album is going to be darker, harsher, and more diabolical than the previous, and it will truly broaden the band's take on modern death metal.

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